January 5

“Jehovah-Jireh—the Lord will provide.”—Gen. 22:14

And what does He provide?
Bread when I am hungry. It seems natural to begin there. He has a care for my body as well as for my soul. He is not anxious certainly that I should have wealth or distinction or the means of indulgence and display. But, if I trust Him, I shall get enough for comfort if not enough for luxury, enough to rid me from unworthy solicitude if not enough to free me from wholesome dependence and continuous faith. Every modest and present want He is sure to satisfy.

Help when I am helpless—that, too, the Lord will provide. Is it the discipline of my own inner life? Is it the conquest of others for my Saviour? Is it the leavening of the world with truth and grace? I am sufficient for none of these things. Sometimes my road is rough, sometimes it is steep, sometimes it is dark, sometimes it is slippery. My heart whispers discouragement. My will says, ” This at least is quite beyond me.” But, when I come to the place, I find that God Himself has solved my difficulties and puts to flight my fears.

And salvation when I am burdened with sin—this also, this best of all, my Lord will provide. It was a lamb for sacrifice which Jehovah-Jireh prepared on the bare summit of Moriah. And in the end of the days, on the green hill of Calvary, close beside Moriah, a better Lamb died by divine appointment and made reconciliation for my iniquity. In the presence of such a sacrifice, how full my joy should be! Jesus breaks every fetter, unbars every door, forgives every debt.

Because of my weakness, because of my strait, I am in the Mount, and in the Mount the Lord will be seen.

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