grammar help

Often, the greatest obstacle for anyone learning Greek or Hebrew is their lack of familiarity with English grammar.  If this applies to you, then you are strongly encouraged to complete the English course first.  This will greatly facilitate your learning of Greek.  You should also make liberal use of the search box in the upper right of this page.  Use it to learn about anything in this course that is unfamiliar to you.

Another skill that you are asked to learn in this course is that of diagramming sentences.  If you have no idea how to do this, then again, start with the English course.  Otherwise, do your best on the diagramming exercises and use the answer keys to teach yourself.  As always, feel free to contact me if you need more direct help.  You may also find this site useful.

In this site, you will also need to configure your computer to type unicode Greek font. To learn how to do this, please watch this video.