January 7

I WILL LIFT UP MINE EYES “When my soul fainted within me, I remembered the Lord.” —Jonah 2:7 When my soul faints within me, I will remember my Lord. That memory is the best of medicines and anodynes. For instance, I will remember His promises. Those gracious words of His—every one of them His strong … Read more

Psalter 2

Tune Return to the Psalter Page 1. Blest is he who loves God’s precepts, Who from sin restrains his feet, He who will not stand with sinners, He who shuns the scorners’ seat. 2. Blest is he who makes the statutes Of the Lord his chief delight, In God’s law, divinely perfect, Meditating day and … Read more

Psalter 1

Tune Return to the Psalter Page 1. That man is blessed who fearing God, From sin restrains his feet, Who will not stand with wicked men, Who shuns the scorners’ seat. 2. Yea, blest is he who makes God’s law His portion and delight, And meditates upon that law With gladness day and night. 3. … Read more

Lesson 10 – Understanding Contemporary Church Movements

Read the following: Phil Johnson, Absolutely Not! Iain Murray, The Invitation System Watch the following videos: Are the Gospels Reliable? The DaVinci Code Stephen Meyer vs. Michael Shermer Ravi Zacharias, Homosexuality & Church membership The Emergent Church Sproul, Mohler, Ravi Seeker Sensitive, Sproul, Mohler, Ravi Evolution & Christianity, Sproul, Mohler, Ravi Life is Meaningless, Ravi Problem of Evil, Ravi