Ezek 13:1 וַיְהִ֥י דְבַר־יְהוָ֖ה אֵלַ֥י לֵאמֹֽר׃ and the word of YHWH was to me, saying Paraphrase:  And YHWH, the Great King, spoke to me again.  This is what He said, Comments: לֵאמֹר can be translated into English with a pair of quotation marks. Ezek 13:2 בֶּן־אָדָ֕ם הִנָּבֵ֛א אֶל־נְבִיאֵ֥י יִשְׂרָאֵ֖ל הַנִּבָּאִ֑ים וְאָֽמַרְתָּ֙ לִנְבִיאֵ֣י מִלִּבָּ֔ם שִׁמְע֖וּ דְּבַר־יְהוָֽה׃ “Son … Read more

The Bible

What is the Bible? We believe that God wrote a book and that this book is the Bible. How can I get a Bible for myself? We would love to provide you with a Bible free of charge. Just speak to us at one of our Sunday services. Above you said that God wrote the … Read more


We hope the following primer will help you to understand us better. It is our hope that you might consider visiting and worshiping God with us. God is so worthy to be worshiped. What is a church? We use the word “church” to refer to a group of people in a given location who assemble … Read more

New playground equipment

Check out the new playground equipment. (Pumpkin) Spice Up Your Emails with Fall and Halloween-themed Templates September 27, 2021It’s Official: Google is Ending FeedBurner Email. Here are Your Next Steps. April 14, 20213 Ways to Earn (Even More) Money with Your Emails March 16, 2021New: Schedule Your Emails Multiple Days a Week or Month March … Read more