415 – Syllabus



[draft syllabus; subject to change]


Semester: Fall 2018
Credit hours: Three
Lecturer: Joel Beeke
Office hours:  Contact my office assistant, Ann Dykema (ann.dykema@prts.edu), to schedule an appointment.
Facilitator: Chris Engelsma


Course Description:
This course is a study of the doctrine, nature, and work of the Holy Spirit, with a special emphasis on the Spirit’s order of application of salvation (ordo salutis): union with Christ, calling, regeneration, conversion, repentance, faith and assurance, justification, adoption, sanctification, perseverance, and glorification.


Course Objectives:
By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  1. Explain Reformed soteriology as it relates to our calling, regeneration, faith, justification, sanctification, perseverance, and glorification;
  2. Articulate the biblical basis of Reformed soteriology;
  3. Understand and define the key terms used in the discussion of soteriology;
  4. Interact with alternative viewpoints and offer arguments which support the Reformed perspective of various issues;
  5. Understand the study of soteriology within its historical context;
  6. Preach on any of the doctrines of soteriology.


Course Requirements:
Assignment: Percentage: Hours:
Lectures & Discussion 30% 45 hours
Paper 20% 23 hours
Reading 0% 38 hours
Exams 50% 14 hours
Total: 100% 120 hours

Lectures: The lectures for this course have been carefully edited specifically for this course.   A course outline is included with each lecture.
Discussions:  Each lesson has at least one discussion in it.  These interactions are all graded.  Please read our principles for effective discussions here.
Paper:  Your paper in this course should not exceed ten pages.  Be sure to confirm your topic with me and follow the strictures of the PRTS Style Guide.


Required Reading for MDiv students: 

Author, Title Pages: Time:
Joel Beeke, Living for God’s Glory, page 101–131, 189–220

print  |  kindle

61 3 hours

John Calvin, Institutes, Book 3, Chapters 1-3, 6-15  (see below for accessibility options) 173 9 hours
Wilhelmus à Brakel, The Christian’s Reasonable Service, vol 2:191-438; vol 3:3-33; 4:275-300

print  |  online  |  kindle

277 11 hours
John Murray, Redemption Accomplished and Applied, part 2, page 79-181

kindle  |  print

102 5 hours

Geoff Thomas, The Holy Spirit

kindle  |  print

255 10.5 hours

Additional Reading for ThM students:

Calvin’s Institutes:

Recommended Reading:

Click here:


All assignments are due on Saturday at midnight.

Week 1  (Aug. 27-31):   2.5 hours

  The Study of the Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit in Our Past

The Nature of the Holy Spirit

Week 2  (Sept. 3-7):   5.5 hours

 The Work of the Holy Spirit in Creation and Common Grace

  The Order of the Application of Salvation

Is There an Ordo?
Ordo Salutis & Assurance of Salvation

Week 3:   (Sept. 10-14):   4.5 hours

  Union with Christ (1): Concepts and Images

The Lord's Supper & Union with Christ

  Union with Christ (2): Roots and Realization

Aspects of Union with Christ

Week 4  (Sept. 17-21):  3.5 hours

  The General Call of the Gospel

Neophytus & the Gospel Offer

  Preparatory Grace and the Spirit of Conviction

Preparatory Grace & the Jailor

Week 5  (Sept. 24-28):   4.5 hours

  Effectual Calling (1): Exposition and Explanation


   Effectual Calling (2): Sovereign Grace and Human Agency

God's Revealed and Secret Will

Week 6   (Oct. 1-5):  Midterm Exam; 7 hours

Reading Break     (Oct. 8-12)

Week 7  (Oct. 15-19):  5.4 hours

  Conversion (1): Repentance unto Life


  Conversion (2): Faith in Jesus Christ

Unable to Believe

Week 8  (Oct. 22-26):   4 hours

  Conversion (3): The Origin and Exercise of Faith

Parables, Miracles, Repentance

  Justification (1): Righteousness in Christ Alone

Paul & James

Week 9  (Oct. 29-Nov. 2):    4.5 hours

Justification (2): Survey and Interactions with Other Views

Active Obedience of Christ & Our Justification


Adoption & the Roman Practice

Week 10:  (Nov. 5-9):    3.4 hours

 Sanctification (1): Holiness by Grace

Definitive & Progressive Sanctification

  Sanctification (2): Controversies about Holiness

The Master Key to Unlocking Victory in the Christian Life

Week 11  (Nov. 12-16):   4.5 hours

  Sanctification (3): Cultivating Holiness

Sanctification & Assurance

 Assurance of Salvation

 The Witness of the Holy Spirit

Week 12  (Nov. 19-23):    3.7 hours

  Preservation and Perseverance (1): Promises and Warnings

Incipient Declension

  Preservation and Perseverance (2): Resting and Running

Thomas Cranmer

Thanksgiving Break (Nov. 22-23)

Week 13 (Dec. 10-14):    7 hours

Final Exam