314: Syallabus

311: Ancient Church History
Credit hours: three
Lecturer: William VanDoodewaard
Course Description:
A study of the developing theology, ecclesiology, piety, and worship of the Christian church from the close of the apostolic age to 600 A.D. Special attention will be given to main figures in the patristic age.
Course Objectives:
In the ancient church history course the student will become acquainted with

(1) Christian historiography: a biblical and theological approach to understanding history, with particular focus on church history.
(2) The history of Christianity from the book of Acts to 600 A.D. This will include

(a) an understanding of the narrative or chronology of the history of the ancient church;
(b) an understanding of developments, continuities, and changes in doctrine and practice in the ancient church;
(c) an understanding of debates, divisions, reform, growth, and decline in the life of the ancient church; and an understanding of the life and theology of key figures in the ancient church.

The student will be able to analyze and evaluate the above biblically and theologically, as well as comparatively within the context of ancient church history. The student will also develop the ability to make comparative applications to later periods of church history up to the present day. The course includes a strong focus on student interaction with, and discussion of, primary source documents.

Course Requirements:
Midterm and final exams
Research paper

The research paper is a 3000-4000 word paper which will explore in depth a historical or theological topic from Ancient church history of personal interest to the student. The paper may not exceed 4000 words. It will reflect a thorough grasp of the relevant source documents and their history. It will also reflect an awareness of continued scholarly discussion on the topic expressed in journal articles and books to the present day. The paper will conclude with an assessment of the importance of its conclusions for the present day life and ministry of the church. Students may be required to present these papers to the class for discussion in a seminar format.

Lecture 1: Introduction to the Course
Lecture 2: Introduction to Church History
Lecture 3: The Canon of Scripture
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Lecture 4:  Old & New Testament Background
Grade Breakdown:
Midterm exam 25%
Final exam 25%
Course Paper 50%
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