312: Lessons

312: Medieval Church History


Lecture 1: Introduction to Church History
Lecture 2: Christianity after the Fall of Rome
Lecture 3: Early Medieval Europe
Lecture 4: The Expansion of Christianity
Lecture 5: The Rise of Islam
Lecture 6: The Church in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries
Lecture 7: Gottschalk of Orbais
Lecture 8: Eastern Orthodoxy
Lecture 8: Recovery in the West
Lecture 9: The Crusades
Lecture 10: Monasticism and Religious Orders
Lecture 11: Bernard of Clairvaux
Lecture 12: Papacy, Church and State
Lecture 13: Renaissance in Theology and Learning
Lecture 14: Anselm of Canterbury
Lecture 15: Abelard
Lecture 16: Lombard
Lecture 17: Thomas Aquinas
Lecture 18: Waldo and the Waldensians
Lecture 19: Organization, Worship, Piety and Society
Lecture 20: Decline and Vitality
Lecture 23: A Conflict of Authorities
Lecture 24: A Time of Ferment: Bradwardine
Lecture 25: A Time of Ferment: Rimini
Lecture 26: Wycliffe and the Lollards
Lecture 27: Hus and the Hussites