232: Syllabus

Introduction to the New Testament

Details: NT 232
Semester: Online course
Credit hours: Two
Lecturer: Gerald Bilkes
email: jerry.bilkes@prts.edu; (616) 432-3401
Office hours:  book a time here or contact my office assistant to schedule an appointment.
Facilitator: Chris Engelsma
Course Description:
This course is an online course.  This means that you will proceed through the course in a week-by-week schedule.  Each week is laid out on Populi with its own set of assignments.  Once you login to the course homepage, click on Lessons and proceed through the course in that order.
Course Requirements:
This course is two credit hours and hence an expectation of approximately 80 hours of work.

  1. Complete the lesson quizzes;
  2. Submit answers to the posted questions;
  3. Submit posts to the lesson summaries;
  4. Complete both exams.
Grade Breakdown:



Percentage of Grade


72 hours



10 hours



82 hours


Quizzes:  Each NT book has a quiz.  These quizzes are open book and are taken directly from the material in Kostenberger.
 Discussion Questions:  See these questions posted in each lesson.  Again, these are all open book.
 Summaries:  These ask you to reflect further on the subject matter of each lecture.
 Exams:  There will be a midterm and final exam focusing on the survey material in Kost. (see the unit-by-unit discussions). They will both be closed-book exams.

While this book is an excellent overview of the issues surrounding each of the NT books, we do regret the cover image.  The reasons for this are here if you wish to pursue this further.  You are encouraged to make use of the Kindle version of this book both for its increased accessibility but also a substantial cost savings.

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