Lesson 14 – Understanding Reformed Distinctives

Sabbath Keeping Richard Baxter’s, Directions for Sabbath Keeping Family life Listen to these lectures on Family Religion. Experiential preaching Dr. Beeke, Reformed Experiential Preaching Christian Education Rev. Shoeman & Koopman, Position on Christian Education The Mission of the Local Church Calvin Van Reken, The Mission of the Local Church

Lesson 10 – Understanding Contemporary Church Movements

Read the following: Phil Johnson, Absolutely Not! Iain Murray, The Invitation System Watch the following videos: Are the Gospels Reliable? The DaVinci Code Stephen Meyer vs. Michael Shermer Ravi Zacharias, Homosexuality & Church membership The Emergent Church Sproul, Mohler, Ravi Seeker Sensitive, Sproul, Mohler, Ravi Evolution & Christianity, Sproul, Mohler, Ravi Life is Meaningless, Ravi Problem of Evil, Ravi