099: English Grammar

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary

English Grammar & Syntax

EN 099 – Fall 2015


Chris Engelsma  |  (616) 259-0172  |  chris.engelsma@prts.edu
Course Description:
This course has three parts:

  • An overview of hypothetical syllogisms and their use in writing;
  • an overview of English grammar and syntax;
  • an introduction to sentence diagramming.

Course Objectives:
The student will:

  1. understand how to use syllogisms to analyze his reasoning and organize his writing;
  2. know how to use sentence diagrams to analyze the syntax of a passage;
  3. understand the principles of English grammar;

Course Requirements:

  • Completion of the Final Quizzes;
  • Completion of the final exam;
  • Class attendance .

Grade Breakdown:
See the assignments tab on Populi.
Required Textbooks:
There are no required textbooks for this course.  The Warriner’s English Grammar book is recommended if your grammar is weak.
Course Waiver:
Students are allowed to test out of all or part of this course.  A competency exam is issued for each major section of the course.  If you would like to avail yourself of this opportunity, then you must complete the requisite exam two weeks prior to the time when that lesson is taught in order to give me time to grade it and give you feedback.  The due dates for these exams are all listed on Populi.  If you wish to prepare for these tests, then you are encouraged to make use of the English course here.
Students are allowed one absence (cf. the seminary’s policy).  Additional absences will need the approval of the academic dean or will lower a student’s exam grade by one full grade (e.g. A- to B-).
The Final Exam:
The final exam will test your ability to diagram sentences and to use hypothetical syllogisms.